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Although Valentine’s Day has come and gone, the holiday season has us thinking about romance. Showing your loved ones you care doesn’t have to be done once a year, especially when you live in Bellevue, Washington. We thought it would be a good idea to share the most romantic spots in our gorgeous city. 

From candlelit dinners and cozy brunches to activities you can do together, we have your all-in-one guide to romance in the Pacific Northwest. So grab your loved one and let the lovefest commence!

Breakfast at Surrey on Main

Did you know that candlelit dinners are considered romantic because the low light helps you relax? Well, nothing says romance like being in a dark room with a pot of melted cheese. If that screams your name, then The Melting Pot is where you belong. Is anyone looking for amore? You can find it in a big pizza pie from Cantinetta, a chic Tuscan restaurant. 

If the light of day provides your preferred mood lighting, there are plenty of yummy brunch spots to choose from. Get a taste of France without having to fly across the world at L’Experience Paris, where you can enjoy a croque-monsieur or take home some macarons. If you travel a few hours southeast of France, you can experience the delicacy of Vietnamese dim sum at Monsoon Bellevue. No matter which one you choose, the food will be immaculate. 

Crazy, Stupid, Fun

There’s nothing more romantic than taking a long walk through vibrant flora and fauna, so take your darling to the Bellevue Botanical Garden. However, if your love is best shown through gift-giving, Bellevue Square is home to plenty of A-list stores to choose from. All of these activities are located just minutes from your home at Surrey On Main

Finally, nothing stimulates the brain like staring at beautiful artwork that makes you think. Purchase your tickets to visit the Bellevue Arts Museum today and share the beauty with your loved one. Love is in the air in the Pacific Northwest and we can’t wait to see what you do with it.